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Saturday, May 14, 2011

buzzzz bizzi

salam everyone! haha..it's been ages i havent update my blog.i'm very busy lately..lots of assignments and replacement classes!huhu this week i have mon-sun classes plus 7am to 11pm class for few days! rase mcm nk mati..uhuukks.what to do, i have to be patient for two weeks more before this sem ends.huuhuu yaww! can't wait to go for practicum, for new experience!but i still feel nervous cos i think my knowledge on teaching is still lacking here and there..huhu nak buat macam mane ni :(

weehhoo! for those who are missing me, can look at my recent pic ye..hahaa ade ke?, this pic was taken a day before the Kejohanan Olahraga, we were busying preparing the costume for our mascot rumah kuning! yaayy. oh it's not me as the mascot i just helping them repairing the bee's butt..see, terkoyak tu..so, punggung sape yang jadi mangsa?? haha

miauu! haha after Kejohanan Olahraga, we had Unit Beruniform Camping which is compulsory for us!! ermm, I'm a Puteri Islam member. Me in a Puteri Islam uniform...oh my, how do I look in that Puteri Islam uniform? So polite kan? we have to wear tudung labuh with the measurement of 5 inches under the belly button.teringat mase zaman sekolah menengah dulu2..macam nilah muka i..hoho

hehe..even wearing tudung labuh i can make that kind of pose..ekekeke!

we all yg sgt ayu dan sopan :)

allrite! i guess it's enough for now, i wanna continue doing my assignments..pray for me, i hope i can do well in my study..aminn.see you all again.salam


Atiqah Amran said...

hehe..mcm bdk sekolah...ayuh kembali ke sekolah ayuh...ehehe

ziha said...

muke sgt suci kan?he